Thursday, February 25, 2010

What have i been doing?

So, the last few months have been ridiculously hectic with jobs, school and more jobs so there wasn't too much time for creativity. This semester is pretty much the same but with more stuff so i'm not too sure how much time i will have to update, but i'm pretty determined to not let my art education go to total waste. There will probably plenty of updates of doodles i did in class and not alot of finished work, but oh what the hey.... i'll just have to do whatever i can.

Anyway, this semester i am working on a dragonfly fossil in a lab.

this is where i take pictures

and this is the fossil i am looking at.

Hopefully i'll find more time to scan my sketchbook as well as to do some nice finished artwork.

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  1. hey hannah, it's emily (chin). from way back :-) i took myself off facebook for the time being... but am still alive (in houston, at Rice). happened to chance upon your blog. i noticed you're looking at fossils! are you still taking geology classes? anyway, cool to see you're still illustrating and stuff! i started a blog (a while ago), but i'm getting more into "blogging." it's a nice outlet. and i do feel liberated after exiting the facebook universe. but then i felt a bit isolated. so then i started to blog... and looking up whether other people i knew had blogs.. anyway, hope to hear from u sometime.