Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Happens When You Put a Perpetual Doodler In an Anatomy Class?

In the last seven weeks, I took the most physically and mentally draining class ever and I survived! (hooray!) Anatomy might have been the most fascinating class I have ever taken, and I feel blessed that that I had the opportunity to learn from some of the coolest people ever.

So how did I stay awake throughout the class (which started at an ungodly hour)? By doodling! There were many mornings where I mentally felt like the image below. (I was fairly good about not sleeping class. hehe)
So, since I don't have any new "real" artwork, I decided to slowly go through my notes, binder, and sketchbook to find some doodles.

My sketchbook was quite handy in learning the skull. The bones and foramina in the skull were a pain in the ass to learn, but drawing it was certainly enjoyable. The 1st image is from an atlas (Thieme) and for the 2nd image I used a mixture of a real skull and an atlas to figure out where all the little bumps and holes were.
I also doodled a ton in my binder, but most of it was just my hand relieving itself of boredom so none of it really makes sense.
One of the strangest things I noticed was that many of my drawings got weird while sitting in class.

Anyway, now that anatomy has ended, I am now auditing a biochemistry class where I am realizing very quickly that I am not very good at it. I unfortunately left my binder in my studio last night.
This is what happens when Hannah leaves her binder at home.