Saturday, December 24, 2011


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying good food and family. Since I am home nursing my ever messed up vocal cords, I thought i'd take the time to share my morbid project.

Our assignment was to create an image with a first aid procedure on it. After sketching out some less morbid first aid issues like dealing with sprained ankles, I drew a couple sketches on taking care of accidental amputations and ended up doing my final on it.

The the challenge to this project was to make it as least morbid as possible. Hopefully I solved it the right way.

So since the year is almost over, I'd like to say it was a turbulent year, but it was good and humbling. I look forward to the next year and I hope everyone has a Happy New year. Till next year.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Anatomical Sketches

Sketching anatomy is the most relaxing class I've ever taken. We sat around and drew anatomy for 3 weeks. It was like a mini-vacation. Here are some highlights of this class.

Submandibular gland and parotid gland.
Heart (the prettiest thing in your body)
Bissected Skull

Next up, biological illustration.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Happens When You Put a Perpetual Doodler In an Anatomy Class?

In the last seven weeks, I took the most physically and mentally draining class ever and I survived! (hooray!) Anatomy might have been the most fascinating class I have ever taken, and I feel blessed that that I had the opportunity to learn from some of the coolest people ever.

So how did I stay awake throughout the class (which started at an ungodly hour)? By doodling! There were many mornings where I mentally felt like the image below. (I was fairly good about not sleeping class. hehe)
So, since I don't have any new "real" artwork, I decided to slowly go through my notes, binder, and sketchbook to find some doodles.

My sketchbook was quite handy in learning the skull. The bones and foramina in the skull were a pain in the ass to learn, but drawing it was certainly enjoyable. The 1st image is from an atlas (Thieme) and for the 2nd image I used a mixture of a real skull and an atlas to figure out where all the little bumps and holes were.
I also doodled a ton in my binder, but most of it was just my hand relieving itself of boredom so none of it really makes sense.
One of the strangest things I noticed was that many of my drawings got weird while sitting in class.

Anyway, now that anatomy has ended, I am now auditing a biochemistry class where I am realizing very quickly that I am not very good at it. I unfortunately left my binder in my studio last night.
This is what happens when Hannah leaves her binder at home.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hip Bone Hank and My Adventures in Anatomy

So, the first project that I was assigned at Hopkins is a 100 year old tradition that all my predecessors have done. The assignment was to draw/paint a hipbone using carbon dust. It's been a while since I've done a true technical drawing so getting used to measuring, sketching, transferring and dusting took a bit of effort.
What i've come to realize is that carbon dust may be the strangest medium I have used. It seems to be unbelievably fragile but plastic all at the same time. We called this a drawing, but it felt more like I was painting since we used paint brushes to layer on the tone.

After we finished the carbon dust drawing. We scanned it and did a computer exercise. I relearned illustrator and came realize what an awesome program it is. (prior to this exercise, I had beef with the pen tool) I decided to outline the muscular origins of the hip bone in the three different regions.

After the first two projects, we were then thrown into gross anatomy. So far it's been a bizarre experience. I was given a "bone box"(which is quite literally a box of bones) and it's been sitting in my closet for a week or so.

Now the lab portion is great and all, but the readings for this class have completely consumed my life. I spend half of my day in lecture and lab and the rest sitting in my room reading and drawing pictures of body parts.
Anatomy may consume my life and cause me anxiety almost all through out the day, but so far this class has been quite awesome and it's full of cool information.

view from my awesome studio!

About a month has passed since I've moved back and I am pleased to say that it's been better this time around. I have experienced an earthquake (which happened on the 1st day of anatomy) and will brave a hurricane in 24 hours. It's been an epic start to my semester.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back in B'more (again)

Now that I have finally settled in Baltimore (yes, I am back for some more), I took some time to finish the striped bass I was drawing.
This is a gift for someone and I hope she likes it.

Also with all the newly made time, I took some time to scan some bookplates that I worked on.

These were a couple bookplates for my Barnes and Nobles people whose birthdays passed months ago. Happy (ridiculously) late Birthdays.

Now that I will be studying Medical Illustration, hopefully there will be more art posts soon.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Enormous Sketchbook Post

I have been very bad about scanning my sketchbook so this is post will be enormous.

My favorite floor in the Natural History Museum is also my new favorite place to draw. Theres something very enjoyable about drawing dinosaur bones.

I also spent some time at a barn drawing horses. Worst models ever. hehe.

Another place I enjoy drawing is at church while people are listening to the pastor. It keeps me awake and I get to draw.

People always look like they're falling asleep in sermon.

Sleeping man on the train.
Fish/ Sea Creature documentaries are a good thing to play while doodling.

Last but not least, i had a chance to doodle while at the Yann Tiersen concert.

The semester has started once again. I may be sparse.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More traditional stuff.

It's been a while since I've posted, but i've been busy with the insane holiday rush , the end of school and applications. I hope everyone else is having a lovely time. So in celebration for taking my GREs today, I decided to spent a little time uploading my stuff. (by the way... anyone else who needs to study for the GREs should get used to staring into the computer screen for 5 hours. I felt like I burned my eyes out of my orbit)

The fish were fun to draw minus the fact that they started to smell pretty bad very fast.

The prettiest bouquet of dead flowers that ive seen. The green scarf was a strange consistency that held very little form making it tough to color. I'm also very proud of that apple.

mmm... looks tasty ( at least it does to me :D )

Two stuffed toys I own . Stitches and Bubbles. Both made by Nancy Muller
and last but not least a drawing of my brother. who is by far the worst model I've had to draw so far.